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02 November 2017

02 November 2017

Willy Han
10 Oktober 2019
Tks for the quick shipping...I got my order today with very good box and wrap also best quality.

Edikson Lim
10 September 2019
Terima kasih atas pelayanan pengiriman yang cepat dan terpercaya. Mantap :)

18 Maret 2010
Friendly staff and fast shipping

17 Maret 2010
I got my order today. Thank you very much.

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About Us

Our History

Samsuria founded by Mr. Andreas Wijaya is a owner and founder Samsuria.

Samsuria goal is to provide our customers a wide selection of medical equipment products, education, satisfaction, and  offers affordable quality solutions for all of your Home Medical Equipment needs to make every effort to find products that meet our customers’ needs.

Established in 2015, Samsuria Medical Equipment provides new and used medical equipment, devices and supplies to the international. With a focus to the International, Samsuria supports the needs of medical professionals . In addition to medical equipment, Samsuria is an authorized distributor of new equipment, accessories and supplies for over 30 medical equipment manufacturers. Samsuria stand behind our products and all medical equipment devices are delivered patient ready with a warranty.

Samsuria  location was chosen to accommodate the South East Asia or Main ASIA, population at large. Our location was also chosen to serve people across ASIA

Each of Samsuria staff members is proud with services we provide. We value each of our clients and find solutions and also give helpful information, and add real value when you come to us with your needs.

We have been serving the central Asia with a wide range of medical equipment and services since 2015. The growth and longevity of Samsuria business is the result of the vision and leadership of Samsuria founder


Mission Statement

Our mission is to excel as the leading distributor of new and used medical equipment products.   Samsuria is committed to offering medical equipment products with a members team with highest level of product knowledge.  Our company will continue to develop long-lasting relationships with customer.

With reputation, integrity, attention to detail Samsuria can save your time, money and headaches by providing you with helpful strategies for fitting new, refurbished medical equipment to customer budget.


Service Overview

Samsuria is one of biggest medical equipment importer and exporter in North Sumatera. Supply brand new and used medical product with 100% Genuine Warranty.

Our Location

Address: Jl.Raden Saleh Dalam No.18C, Medan 20111
Telephone: +62618562293
Fax: +62618565267
HOTLINE: +6287893563066
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