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02 November 2017

02 November 2017

Willy Han
10 Oktober 2019
Tks for the quick shipping...I got my order today with very good box and wrap also best quality.

Edikson Lim
10 September 2019
Terima kasih atas pelayanan pengiriman yang cepat dan terpercaya. Mantap :)

18 Maret 2010
Friendly staff and fast shipping

17 Maret 2010
I got my order today. Thank you very much.

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Eporex K69 Mesotherapy Cellulite Fat Reduction
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Price : USD. 4.000,00
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Eporex K69 Mesotherapy Cellulite Fat Reduction Skin Rejuvation beauty machine Eporex K69 Mesotherapy needleless pain free Body treatment and skin rejuvenation system In very good condition, and in full working order Results can be achieved painlessly with Eporex Mesotherapy, for the face and body. Eporex Mesotherapy is the highly acclaimed aesthetic beauty phenomenon helping men and women around the world to transform the way they look and feel. Eporex’s patented technology combined with vitamins, minerals and amino-acids, offers a broad range of effective, non-surgical treatments, and achieves long lasting results for a range of aesthetic imperfections. Loose Skin     Pockets of Fat     Stretch Marks     Poor Skin Tone Cellulite     Dark Eye Circles     Poor Skin Texture     Facial Pigmentation ABOUT Eporex Mesotherapy was an original concept when it was borne in 2003. To combine the latest technology in the field of transdermal delivery with mesotherapy protocols; to offer, for the first time, a painless and no-needle mesotherapy treatment option. WHAT IS MESOTHERAPY? Mesotherapy is a technique developed by a French doctor in the 1960’s and was originated for the treatment of pain syndromes and soft tissue injuries. The theory behind mesotherapy is that small amounts of medicine, directly targeted into the treatment area, offers significant advantages when compared with traditional, oral medication. Mesotherapy is today established as main stream medicine in France and, over the last 10 years, we have seen much success in its application in dermatology and professional aesthetics. Mesotherapy ingredients are selected according to their specific actions on cellular processes, and injected into the treatment area. WHAT IS EPOREX MESOTHERAPY Eporex is an innovative and patented system which facilitates no-needle mesotherapy, and also incorporates the benefits of ultrasound and micro-current treatments. Utilising vitamins, minerals and amino-acids similarly found in aesthetic mesotherapy, Eporex is able to electronically ‘activate’ them and introduce them into the skin of the treatment area without injections, pain or downtime. The target cells utilise the ingredients they require in order to reverse the physiology of the condition, from the inside-out. Eporex continues to deliver superior results for practitioners and their clients.

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