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02 November 2017

02 November 2017

Willy Han
10 Oktober 2019
Tks for the quick shipping...I got my order today with very good box and wrap also best quality.

Edikson Lim
10 September 2019
Terima kasih atas pelayanan pengiriman yang cepat dan terpercaya. Mantap :)

18 Maret 2010
Friendly staff and fast shipping

17 Maret 2010
I got my order today. Thank you very much.

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Palomar Medilux
Weight : 29,00 kg
Price : USD. 3.750,00
Quantity :
Total : USD.

MFD 2004 unit that comes with Y, and G handpieces. It also comes with all accessories including a cart. Palomar Medilux Applications Acne RejuveLux? Treatments Permanent Hair Reduction Pigmented Lesions Vascular Lesions Smooth Pulse Technology for Unparalleled Comfort US Patent #6,888,319 Palomar systems deliver pulsed light over one smooth pulse duration, rather than the multiple power spikes (which may damage skin) that other technologies use. This patented smooth pulse technology keeps the epidermal temperature lower, for far more comfortable treatments. It also allows for the safe delivery of greater amounts of energy, which is more effectively absorbed by pigment and blood, producing greater efficacy. Technical Specifications Pulsewidth Wavelength Speed Electrical Req. Dimensions Weight 10/20/40/60/100 ms (Selectable) Dependent on handpiece Up to 7.4 cm2/sec (Coverage Rate), 1 Hz (Pulse Rate) 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz 23.5? (60 cm) L x 11.9? (30 cm) H x 17.8? (45 cm) D 63 lbs. (29 kg)

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